John D Consulting Inc.

After leaving CA in October 2012, John decided to re-engage with the Endevor community and started John D Consulting in December 2014. As a recognized specialist in Endevor, he now provides consultative and technical advice and services that helps ensure his customers and clients achieve "Endevor Excellence".

In July 2004, John transitioned into product managing Endevor and continued his involvement with CA’s customers and development labs in a new strategic capacity. In his role as product manager, John was responsible for a variety of tactical and strategic developments that were implemented into the Endevor product line.

John Dueckman has been developing and maintaining various IT business application systems and processes since 1979. He has worked in the manufacturing, airline and telephone industries and has extensive Project Leadership and Management experience that encompasses a variety of IT disciplines. John has an extensive knowledge of a variety of different development tools, techniques and languages as well as various business applications.

John became a member of the CA Technologies team in July 1997. In 1999, he was recognized for his superior abilities with the CA Endevor SCM software and became part of CA’s Advanced Technology Group, taking a leading role in presenting CA’s vision of change and configuration management to companies and seminars around the world. In this role, he reviewed many CA Endevor installations and developed best practice guidance recommendations for over 60 sites.            

In 2009, John also began working with senior CA product management leaders and executives to help transform product management at CA to take advantage of industry best practices utilizing techniques and methods he had garnered and utilized during his experiences in process and model development