John D Consulting Inc.

  • Rapid Endevor Implementation Reviews

Take advantage of a fixed price plus expenses offering that provides a comparative review of your Endevor implementation to over 60 sites from around the world. This simple engagement encompasses 2 days on-site and a comprehensive "best practices" follow-on report that many sites have found instrumental in re-engineering their Endevor implementation.

  • Full Endevor Administration services

Not sure what your Endevor implementation is doing? Struggling with rare resources to effectively cover your Endevor implementation and not sure where to turn? Consider recurring on-site and off-site administration options that help ensure your z/OS assets are adequately protected.

  • Full Endevor implementation services

New to Endevor? Re-implementing Endevor? Still trying to get assets converted to Endevor? Thinking of new ways to exploit your investment in Endevor? Opportunities abound to leverage extensive experience in improving and exploiting the knowledge available as you move your investment in Endevor to higher levels.

  • Training

Unsure what you're doing? Tired of "not knowing" what happened when it happened? Training may be the answer to your questions! I can provide a complete program of training for your administrator or for your end-users, depending and customized to the needs of you and your company.